Protect Your Account

Security is at the core of our values
We at Wonder-Coins take comprehensive security measures to ensure the confidentiality of all accounts. Being cautious when trading on digital currency exchanges is always important. To ensure the safety of your account and trading, here are some important guidelines below:

Protecting yourself from Scams
We highly encourage you to learn what some common scams are and how to protect yourself against these scams. These additional precautions are highly recommended for users to protect themselves from scammers accessing their account and funds.
First, it is important to remember that our support staff would never ask you for your code or password for 2-factor authentication. If you receive any correspondence from a party that demands for this information, whether they claim to be associated with Wonder-Coins, please contact us immediately

Use a strong password:
It’s highly recommended to use a complex and unique password that hasn’t been used or shared on any other websites you use. Changing your password regularly (every 3 months, for example) is often considered good practice. It’s crucial that passwords you might have used on other websites are not reused.

Email Address Security:
Do not store any private & personal documents in your email (e.g. drivers license details, photo of your passport, etc..) which can be used for identity theft. Do not click on links or download files if you are not sure about the source. Simply delete the email.

Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication):
A key step towards securing your account is to activate 2FA through Google Authenticator on your account. When you have signed into your account, this can easily be allowed in the settings. Never give your 2FA code, username and password or confidential information to someone on the phone or via email. Wonder-Coins will never request these details over the phone or via email. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible so it is important to always double-check that you have the correct cryptocurrency address and that you are sending funds to a trustworthy recipient.

Please contact our support team if you are seeking for more information about the above.